We produce original entertainment IPs and IP Directors for the entertainment industry of the AI era. On an industrial scale.
Within the next 10 years technology will turn content production into a trivial task.

Whoever wins the tech and content distribution race will find themselves in need of IPs with multi-media and multi-cultural potential, and in individuals capable of transforming them into commercial products.

In Product Vision Masters Foundation we produce original entertainment IPs, train IP Directors and connect them to production and capital infrastructure.
  • We produce original games & digital art IPs with cross-media and cross-cultural scaling potential.

  • We train IP Directors - creative leaders capable of turning ideas into cross-media commercial entertainment products and leading creative teams.
We deal with high-demand settings
Urban Legend
Like Gangs of New York, Alienist, Penny Dreadful
Dark Fantasy
Like Warhammer 40 000, Dark Souls, Witcher, Game of Thrones
Like Mass Effect, Star Wars, Alien, Star Trek, Men in Black
Like Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Earthsea, Stardust, Warcraft, Hellboy
Like Bladerunner, Altered Carbon, Cyberpunk 2077, Matrix
Post Apoc
Like Walking Dead, Fallout, Mad Max, Last of Us, 12 Monkeys, Waterworld
Noir/Retro Detective
Like LA Noire, Black Dahlia, L. A. Confidential, Angel Heart, Sin City
Action Blockbuster
Like GTA V, Mission Impossible, Die Hard, True Lies, FUBAR
Historical Drama
Like The King, Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan, Three Musketeers, Elizabeth
Alternative History
Like Watchmen, Inglourious Basterds, District 9, Vidocq
Anti Utopia
Like V for Vendetta, Black Mirror, Utopia, Equilibrium, Running Man
Heroic Adventure
Like Uncharted, God of War, Lara Croft, Indiana Jones
In October of each year we start an 8-months program for gifted individuals that we scouted and assessed
By the May each resident has a pre-production ready project
10-20 original IPs per batch
How's your incubation program different?
There's no formal training for hip hop that makes sense, and there couldn't be one for video games and digital art either. If you know the first thing about creative people, the most promising talent is the least likely to take the formal education, incubation, or acceleration path in video games. They either can't afford it or can't tolerate the academic/corporate approach, being non-conformists. Or likely both. That is why our program has an IP design and development framework at its core, but is constantly adapted to each individual participant, their personality, values, passion, and individual progress.
How you make sure that your participants can deliver on the project?
Every investment project is, essentially, an invitation to a leap of faith. To put it short, the investor is asked to believe that "somebody talented came up with a great idea and they are going to deliver it in the form of a high-quality commercial product." We split this mess into three manageable risks. We turn "somebody talented" into a naturally gifted individual who underwent an 8-month program in entertainment IP design and management, which matches a university master's program in its intensity and exceeds it in results. We turn "great idea" into a concept of an IP and entertainment product, designed and structured with audience desires, competitive landscape, and business goals in mind, and has cross-media and cross-cultural scaling potential in case of success. We involve professional content development partners with a proven track record of delivering high-quality entertainment products and train our residents to interact with and lead the production teams, instead of pretending that anyone can develop a AAA product in their kitchen with friends, given funds.